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Songs of Angels

by J.R. Rhodes

This release, much inspired by African and Gypsy sounds and rhythms, includes a colourful cast of Seattle musicians. 'Woman of My Dreams', 'Depend on You', that song about a cat 'Maitreya' and more. 

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Vocals, Guitar:  JR Rhodes
Harmony Vocals: Kym Tuvim, Nancy Colton, Sarah Keenan, Willow
Guitar: Leif Totusek
Violin: Eyvind Kang
Cello: Brent Arnold
Keyboards: Dara Quinn
Bass, Bass Clarinet: Brad Houser
Tabla ('Who Do You Love’)/Drums ('Lovesong'):  Mike Dillon
Drums: Dave Hill

Produced by Brad Houser
Engineered by Mell Dettmer
Mixed by Brad Houser & Mell Dettmer
Mastered by Mell Dettmer & Barry Corliss
Recorded & Mixed at Stretch Audio, Aleph & The Craft (Seattle, WA USA)
Mastered at Masterworks (Seattle, WA USA)

CD Graphic Design: Borislav Iochev
CD Photography: Borislav Iochev
CD Cover Painting: Sean Hurley

All songs written by JR Rhodes ©1999 (ASCAP)

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