AfriQueen Stare

by J.R. Rhodes

AfriQueen Stare is a collection of music inspired by the life of JR’s sister Susan. The songs was either written about Susan in some way or are simply songs Susan loved and all of them brought to life with a family of musician and artist friends.  It includes 'Landslide' by Stevie Nicks.

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Vocals, Guitar: JR Rhodes
Harmony Vocals: Aiko Shimada, Alephrog Choir, Barbara Rhodes, Jenny Van West, JR Rhodes
Guitar: JR Rhodes., Jenny Van West, Chris Mulhauser
Slide Guitar:  Joel Tepp
Viola: Eyvind Kang
Cello: Brent Arnold
Balafon: Naby Camara
Flugelhorn: Dave Carter
Hammond/Korg/Rhodes/Piano: Paul Moore
Hammond/Rhodes: Kym Tuvim
Casio SK-1: Mell Dettmer
Bass: Derek Brown, Fred Chalenor
Percussion: Mike Stone, Elizabeth Pupo- Walker, Mell Dettmer
Drums: Mike Stone, Matt Chamberlain,
Electronic Drums: Matt Chamberlain

Produced by Mell Dettmer and JR
Engineered by: Mell Dettmer, except 'B4 U Turn 2 Run' by Michael Arafeh)
Mixed/Mastered by Mell Dettmer
Recorded at Aleph & The Craft (Seattle, WA USA), 3C (Middletown, CT USA)
Mixed at Aleph (Seattle, WA USA)
Mastered at Sinister Kitchen Laboratory (Seattle, WA USA)

Cover Art Graphic Design: Maurice Caldwell, Jr.
Photography: Robert Lyons

All songs written by JR Rhodes
©1986-2002 (ASCAP)
Except 'Landslide' by Stevie Nicks
'B4 U Turn 2 Run' by Jenny Van West/JR Rhodes
'A Dream Deferred' by Langston Hughes/JR Rhodes
and 'Rhodesia Sonicosmos Parad Illuminatus' by Mell Dettmer.

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